Practicum Opportunities

Global Studies Suggested Opportunities

For a good visual of these opportunities, click here.

  • There is also more information about each of these opportunities at the link above.

3 Credit Hours/30 Day Opportunities

  • GenSend
  • Southeastern Mission Trip (any of our trips will count as 3 credit hours)
  • IMB Summer Internship

6 Credit Hours/60 Day Opportunities

  • GenSend Summer
  • IMB Summer Internship

9 Credit Hours/90 Day Opportunities

  • Semester Hands On
  • GenSend Semester

Graduate Level Suggested Opportunities

  1. Southeastern Mission Trip
    • This is the easiest way to fulfill your practicum at SEBTS. Most mission trips count towards this credit.
  2. IMB Summer Internship
  3. Hands On
  4. Journeyman
  5. GenSend Summer

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