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The Center for Great Commission Studies

Equipping students to fulfill the Great Commission is at the very heart of Southeastern’s mission, and the Center for Great Commission Studies is the primary point for making that real for our students. The CGCS is for every student on campus and it’s our job to help students figure out their calling and find their pathway to fulfilling the Great Commission, whether that’s serving a local church here in the States or taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. We host conferences, meals, conversations, mission trips, and other events to equip and network our students as they seek to GO proclaim the good news among the nations, both overseas and across the street.

Knowledge Base

This site serves as the knowledge base for the Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. It is a tool to help students, faculty, denominational partners, church leaders, and local churches identify, equip, send, and support their own sent ones for an array of Great Commission tasks.

The following is a collection of resources and an equipping portal covering issues of calling and commission. Here students will find helps for discerning their particular pathway to the Great Commission, information about Southeastern mission trips, activities, residencies and internships.

Faculty will find information about developing mission trips, encouraging students in missions, and creating a Great Commission Classroom. Here faculty and staff will find help in building mission trips and encouraging students to reach the nations.

Denominational partners will find information about the intersection between the agency they work for, the CGCS, and Southeastern. Denominational partners will also find tools to help them as they reach the nations, plant churches, and develop new Gospel pathways.

Church leaders and local churches will find information about developing a sending culture, identifying and assessing people in their church for missions sending, and tools to equip those people for the sake of the Great Commission.

Resource Hub

On this site, you will find a collection of materials for students, faculty, denominational partners, and local churches looking to implement sending processes or assess their own calling. These materials include reading lists, potential equipping cohort materials, and explainers for developing a sending culture within a church. This resource hub is continually in development, and we hope to continue adding valuable tools as we develop them.

Equipping Portal

In addition to a resource hub, we desire that the site itself will become a tool for training both churches and potential sent ones from their churches. Our goal is to provide a central location for associations, churches, and individuals to point those they are equipping to walk through a training process.


If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Be sure to connect with us at our main website.